Superior Products USA has the largest selection of commercial / professional outdoor movie screens for your business.

We have an outdoor movie screen for every venue type we have encoutered over the last nearly two decades.

Every outdoor movie screen series comes standard with authentic cinema grade projection fabric from europe that is removable, washable and supports rear projection.

We build no seam / seamless projection screens up to 60ft screen size. Seamless outdoor movie screens up to 60ft is the biggest selling point that seperates our outdoor movie screen products when comparing our products to lower priced competitors who have to sew or weld multiple pieces of white material to make a large projection surface. Usually leaving a very distracting line (sometimes multiple) across the projection surface.

All outdoor movie screen products include a rear removable blackout shield. When in use the blackout shield prevent ambient light from washing out your picture color from behind. Simply remove the blackout shield from behind your outdoor movie screen when you want to rear project.

All of our outdoor movie screen products are manufactuered right here in the state of California. We include a 5 year seam to seam warranty on all our outdoor movie screen products.

  • No Screen Seam Authentic Cinema Fabric

    Extra wide authentic cinema fabric provides us the ability to build outdoor movie screens up to 60ft wide without a ugly seam or line(s) across projection surface that will distract you or your audience from your outdoor movie presentation. Lines on a projection surfac are so distracting when watching content. We're the only outdoor movie screen manufactuer that spares no expense to promising seamless / no seam outdoor screens up to 60ft long.

  • American Made Outdoor Movie Screens

    All our outdoor movie screens are made in San Diego California, USA. With nearly two decades of design and outdoor movie screen development under our belt.

    We're the originator of a majority of all outdoor movie screen technology and manufacturing techniques. Some patented, but most not and often poorly imitated by others at a drasticly lower price with overseas origins.

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    What started out as fun textile design and crafting projects for friends and family. Making car covers, pocket handbag holder for between car seat and roof top traveling storage tote. Has now turned into a business making American made custom textile products for your vehicles. All designed and hand crafted in-house, nothing outsourced and always looking for new ideas.

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